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Let’s try this again…

The last time I decided to try online dating I ended up dating a guy who tried to move in with me faster than fast, and a few other who creeped me out more than they enticed me. But, given that I’ve spent the last year or so focusing all my energy on finishing up my degree, and adding a minor to boot, I think maybe I should try again. Plus, the last time I met a guy I actually liked and gave him my number, I ended up ignoring all his calls for a week. He eventually stopped trying, and I was so utterly terrified that I could actually like him that I panicked.

Or better yet. A few months ago I was sitting at the cafeteria by my office, skimming through a magazine while I waited for my BLT, when this guy walks in. I looked up at him and I remember thinking how beautiful I thought he was, so I smiled at him and he smiled back. The lady brought my sandwich, and he leaned next to me on the counter and asked me how my day was going. I looked at him, grabbed my stuff, and just walked out. Not a word. It was like my body reacted before my mind could. Geez all he did was make small talk and I ran for my life, basically.

I think, and this is just a guess here, but I think I slightly more emotionally damaged than I thought I was. Or maybe I’ve been too domesticated, and I need to be reintroduced into the wild…

It’s like me? Meet actual people? No. I don’t do that kind of thing anymore. I work, study, and dabble in writing short stories and screenplays. But actually getting to know new people? Why would I want to do that?

Huh. That’s actually a good question. Why would I want to do that? Oh yeah, because I can’t be all about work, and I can’t keep spending all my free time with my siblings and Netflix. What kind of life would that be? Besides, I’m running out of things to write about and I need new inspiration, and stories. I need stories, but stories that I’ve lived – cause those are the best kind.

But, eer, online dating? Then there’s these possibilities…




At least I’m not the only one who struggles with new age dating. Here’s a great list, and hilarious too.

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Awkward is my specialty

So today was pretty interesting…

I recently took on a new role at work where I’m in charge of our company events and our first event is coming up fast. I’ve gone through the motions or transitioning into this new role, meeting people and trying to get them to actually take me seriously. Who knew people twice my age would have such a hard take me seriously.

Anyways, today was the first luncheon I took lead on for our upcoming event. This luncheon consisted of some pretty important people in my community including CEO’s and VP’s of major hospitals. So how did it go?

Well, for starters I had a few hiccups setting up for the luncheon, including getting shooed out of the room I was having it in 20 minutes before it was supposed to start. Then, we finally got set up and people started to arrive and well…eat.I take my place, set down my binder and water bottle and sit down. I get a little thirsty, so I reach for my water bottle and for some insane reason, I smack it down and knock over a cup of iced tea. Not just any cup, it’s one of the CEO’s iced tea and it spills all over the table, his pens, his glasses and of course his fancy keys. Awesome. I frantically clean it up as the room goes silent and get ready for our panel.

So I finally get up, ready to give my welcome speech and the words fail me. I can’t remember what I was going to say. Luckily, I had a print out of my speech, unfortunately as I stood tall and with my eyes glued down to my paper as I read…it was like a shy kid in grade school. I skipped sentences, spoke fast and made ZERO eye contact. But the show went on without anymore issues, at least not from me.

Not so bad for my first intro huh?

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