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Let’s try this again…

The last time I decided to try online dating I ended up dating a guy who tried to move in with me faster than fast, and a few other who creeped me out more than they enticed me. But, given that I’ve spent the last year or so focusing all my energy on finishing up my degree, and adding a minor to boot, I think maybe I should try again. Plus, the last time I met a guy I actually liked and gave him my number, I ended up ignoring all his calls for a week. He eventually stopped trying, and I was so utterly terrified that I could actually like him that I panicked.

Or better yet. A few months ago I was sitting at the cafeteria by my office, skimming through a magazine while I waited for my BLT, when this guy walks in. I looked up at him and I remember thinking how beautiful I thought he was, so I smiled at him and he smiled back. The lady brought my sandwich, and he leaned next to me on the counter and asked me how my day was going. I looked at him, grabbed my stuff, and just walked out. Not a word. It was like my body reacted before my mind could. Geez all he did was make small talk and I ran for my life, basically.

I think, and this is just a guess here, but I think I slightly more emotionally damaged than I thought I was. Or maybe I’ve been too domesticated, and I need to be reintroduced into the wild…

It’s like me? Meet actual people? No. I don’t do that kind of thing anymore. I work, study, and dabble in writing short stories and screenplays. But actually getting to know new people? Why would I want to do that?

Huh. That’s actually a good question. Why would I want to do that? Oh yeah, because I can’t be all about work, and I can’t keep spending all my free time with my siblings and Netflix. What kind of life would that be? Besides, I’m running out of things to write about and I need new inspiration, and stories. I need stories, but stories that I’ve lived – cause those are the best kind.

But, eer, online dating? Then there’s these possibilities…




At least I’m not the only one who struggles with new age dating. Here’s a great list, and hilarious too.

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Meeting Mr. Rogers

To say that you get a lot of emails on free dating sites would be an understatement. So I went through them, ruling out the weirdos, the too young, too old, even too military and the random kinky couple with an indecent proposal. And then there was Mr. Rogers. A “non-Hispanic” man who seemed interesting enough. This could be fun, I thought. Especially since I’ve never dated anyone that wasn’t Cuban.

So, I answered him. That night we went back and forth, chatting and getting to know each other a little better. He asked to hear my voice, weird how these days we’d so often prefer to text, so I called him. Restricted, of course (you never know). We talked for about an hour, the conversation flowed much smoother that I expected. So when he asked to meet for coffee the next day, I obliged.

At this point I didn’t really know what to expect, dating was never my strong suit. Awkward is much more my thing.

I got there before he did, surprising, I know!

Mr. Rogers

He finally gets there, he parks right next to me. First impressions, right?  Hey, is that Mr. Rogers? I mean, sure, Mr. Rogers was a nice neighbor and all but still. He wore jeans, a jacket and Keds. Sweet as his blue eyes seemed, I knew that being alone with this guy would not be a smart move. I’m usually pretty good at scoping out serial killer potential, or so I’ve always thought, but maybe I missed something here.

I mean, it’s not like I came in expecting this immediate deep connection, but I was hoping for some kind of connection. Not creepy Ted Bundy style vibes. Needless to say, Mr. Rogers and I didn’t go past that night.

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To date or not to date? That is the question.

Online, that is.

The world, it is a changing! At least that’s what I keep hearing. All I see are commercials and ads about how 1 in 5 relationships begin online. Real people on first dates and let’s not forget about The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. People don’t meet as organically as they used to and frankly, dating your friends is not exactly wise.

I guess it doesn’t really help that I am undoubtedly awkward in relationships, surprisingly blunt and completely oblivious to the subtle clues and flirtations of the opposite sex. I mean seriously, how many times does a guy have to hint that he wants a neck rub before I stop telling him to go get himself an icy hot patch?

I caved. I obviously need to get better at dating and the only way to get better is to practice. So,I’ve decided to create profiles on a few online dating sites, just the free ones for now, the paid ones require a little more commitment that I can offer at the moment. Why am I telling you this? Well, I decided to document my experiences in online dating on my blog. How else will I know if I actually get better if I don’t share my stories?

Are you ready?

I am.

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