Heartache in the new year…

It’s unfortunate that I’m forced to start off the year with a broken heart. All because I fell in love with a boy…who hasn’t found his way yet and has the maturity of a sixteen year old teenage boy when he is twenty-three. Go figure. It’s also possible that I’m too mature for him. Which is still sad for me. With him, the past 5 years have been a never ending cycle of mistakes…on both sides. For some we do the exact same things over and over and over again. <<<Definition of insanity. And now…..

All that’s left of him is a faded memory,
A memory of the boy that once was.
A boy I once loved,
More than words can tell.
Now he is another picture of a picture,
That can no longer be found.
He is that blurred image in the corner of my eye,
That will disappear if I blink again.
So I blink.

Now what?

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