A Day of Rememberence

 Today, as my first assignment for the MDC Catalyst, I spent the day going from project to project throughout Miami’s city-wide Martin Luther King Day of Service. All over the Greater Miami area, locals volunteered and dedicated their time to serve their community and neighbors. 

It was truly amazing to see how many people came out to help. Teenagers, college students and even seniors of all backgrounds and religious views came together to make a difference. It didn’t matter what they neighborhood they lived in or how much money they had, EVERYONE was hands on. 

Miami should be proud of its people and neighborhoods. What’s even better is that this celebration or day of service was a nation wide event. Thanks to President Obama’s call to service, our national celebration in the name of Dr. King, was also announced to the world. 

Lets hope we set an example here today, an example for generations to come. 

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