A New Year…

People always tell you that a new year means a fresh start…a new beginning. But how do you just let go of the previous year? Are you expected to just push it aside…hide it in that dark corner of your mind like those memories just don’t count? Maybe I just haven’t been jaded enough to do that. Maybe that does make me immature…but what if I think being mature isn’t all that. Maybe…just maybe I’d rather be myself. Even if that means I cry at sad movies and wear my heart on my sleeve. When did the world get so cynical that hiding our feelings from each other was the considered the norm?

Well you know what? My New Year’s Resolution for 2009 is to NOT conform to what society expects of me. As of 2009 I will live my life and act as I please and for once, I will NOT feel guilty about it. I will NOT feel bad or weak when something makes me cry. I WILL be me, in all my funky style and my controversial opinions. I will love whom ever I want to love and society will just have to deal with it. I will write what I feel and play my music as loud as I please 🙂

I guess I never realized that growing up could mean that you wouldn’t always agree with the ideals you were taught as a child. That your life might reach a point where you would have to make a choice between what you know and what you feel. For me, as a creature that is completely ruled my her emotions, this fork in the road is a tough one. I can only hope that once I pass it…the girl in the mirror will be me.

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