Attention Span = Zero

When I was a teenager, I was always the girl that wanted it until she had it…and then not so much anymore. I was like this when it came to clothes, boys and even places I lived. Until I met a boy that seemed to hold my attention,well for the most part. I kind of assumed that the rest was just a phase you know, and one that I’d obviously out grown. Boy was I wrong. 

I should have taken the fact that I felt an undying urge to break up with him every year, over a period of 6 years none the less, as a sign. But I didn’t. I told myself it was just cold feet, fear of commitment and whatever else made me feel better. Denial anyone? The only other thing that seemed to hold my attention was writing. It was the only thing that I did completely effortlessly, when I was writing about something I liked of course. But as I started writing as a “career,” somewhere along the line I lost why I wanted to write in the first place. Ultimately, losing the pure fun of it. 

Now, after writing for various publications and covering various topics over that past 5 years or so, I seem to be at a crossroads. I’m not really finding the topics I cover all that interesting. For a while, in Miami, I covered all and everything fashion. In the beginning, I liked it so much that I nearly transfered to A.I. and changed my major. Thanks goodness I didn’t because a year into it, I got bored. So I stopped attending the shows, even for fun, and started writing about music. I never really got bored of music, but I did realize that I’m not a very good critic. I’m too soft. It’s just not in me to give a bad review. Ever. So that didn’t last long. 

Then I did food and restaurants, which I still do and it’s fun. I also worked a little PR, putting together some events and doing some national reporting for non-profits. That, for me, was very fun. I’ve always enjoyed helping people and raising awareness. It’s actually why I decided to b a writer. I wanted to open up world to things they refused to see. Spread kindness and compassion as opposed to negativity and hate. I wanted to stand for something and serve a purpose. 

That’s not something I can really do previewing local events and artists. Not that I don’t like interviewing creative people and writing them up. If I find artwork that moves me, which is the only kind I write about, I like to share it. Spread the word. I especially like artists that are bold and righteous and stand for something real. So that’s something I hope to continue doing. 

Still, for some reason I can’t seem to do one thing at a time causing me to end up with several unfinished projects. I write articles. I write songs. I write stories and poems. I make jewelry. I paint when inspired. I blog…sometimes. But again, I tend to do all these things simultaneously and rarely finish them all. I feel like I’m in need of a change, not necessarily a big one, just a change. 

Hmm where to begin…

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