4.4 Earthquake hits Los Angeles at 4:04 am this morning!

I guess it’s a good thing I hadn’t gotten to bed yet cause if I have to wake up to the rumbling and serious shakes my house just endured, oh man. Let’s just say I would have had a serious panic attack. Serious. 

It was kind of weird though. I was at the computer, with both feet flat on the floor because I was about to go to go to sleep and kept hearing a rumbling. I thought maybe the AC was on the fritz so I just ignored it. Then, suddenly, the ground starts to sway…stronger and stronger. Until it feels like waves underneath my feet. I swear, I was just waiting for the tile to break apart from all the waves. All I could do was grip the desk and hope it didn’t continue to get stronger. I don’t know how people freak out and actually get under a table, I FROZE. I actually did think about the table and how I should get under it…but nope. Just sat there. Frozen. Freaking out, in my head. 

That just totally blew my mind. I mean I’ve had my share of natural disasters, but they tend to be more water related in Miami. I guess I can actually say I’ve felt an earthquake now. Somehow, I’m not so overjoyed. Hmm. 

If you’re curious, here’s the Earthquake Report.

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