NYC is reclaiming Guns, one piece at a time.

As part of the Gun Reclamation Project in NYC, design duo B-Side has crafted a line of  extra haute necklaces and rings. With proceeds from each sale going towards the program which buys back guns in the city, it’s easy to see why people are getting fired up. All joking aside, with the crime rates in NYC as high as they are, the D.A. has collected over 5700 guns since 2008. Making the city a better place one sale at a time. These are a few of the necklaces I found the most interesting. 

This one in particular I think is pure genius. 

I liked this one too.

I could totally see myself wearing it with a black tee and jeans, giving it a funky kind of edge. 

Then there’s some like this where, me personally, would seriously injure myself with. Sharp and pointy is a no no for me.


Like what you see? Check them out at B-Side and support a good cause. 

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