3. Switch up the way you do your hair-it can affect your frame of mind.

This one actually happened by accident, the other night when I was getting ready for an event at Em & Co. I casually clipped up my hair to the side, all up with a few curls hanging out, to iron out my bangs and when I looked in the mirror (aka my Mom) for a final inspection…thought “hmm this looks kinda cute.” So it stayed, all clipped up on one side like a new, hip version of the classic 80’s side ponytail we were all subject to way back when. 

I never would have considered such a small thing as how I wear my hair to affect my state of mind, and yet it did. As women, we tend to change our hair to symbolize a new phase in our lives. Whether we cut it or color it, the change is always obvious. But changing how I style it, adds a subtle change to my demeanor while lifting a huge weight off my mind. I felt carefree and girly, but most importantly I felt like myself  in a way that I hadn’t for a long time. 

All because wearing my hair in a casually styled kind of way. Go figure huh?

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