Taking a stand.

People always say that “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for everything.” So let me tell you what I stand for. 

I stand for equality. I stand for women’s rights. I stand up to racism without fear. I fight for the people. All people. I believe that you should always treat people as you want them to treat you. I always keep in mind something my Mother would say to me as a teenager, “the earth is greater than you and you walk all over her.” So never let anyone make you feel like less than. She had some wise moments that Mother of mine. 

Today I openly stand up against the Prohibition of Medical Marijuana. As someone who has seen the positive difference it can make in those that are sick, I know it can heal. Maybe not forever, but for the moment. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t think it should be made legal and sold like nicotine and alcohol. Now there’s a drug that kills. Alcohol kills by the millions. Recklessly and without mercy. Let me not even get started on nicotine, a drug that is so deadly it kills people that don’t even smoke. 

Back to the topic at hand. Medical Marijuana can serve a purpose. A positive purpose.

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