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Allergic to LA!?

 I finally figured out why I’ve always felt so much more at home in Los Angeles, even when I was a kid. It’s because this city is filled with an overflow of creativity. Everyone has some kind of interest in art whether it’s their hobby or a full fledged obsession. LA is somewhere that creativity is more than just accepted, it’s home grown. 

Every person I’ve come in contact with is either an artist, a musician, a writer or involved with one in some way of another. I can truly say my soul feels at home here…if only my body was on the same page. It seems that I’m annoyingly allergic to some of the city’s natural elements, causing me to break out in random rashes for no apparent reason. For someone who never took pills for anything, Zyrtec has become my BEST friend. To make matters worse, the food makes me sick too :/

Damn. It figures that I’d feel good and my body would lose it. At least my writing career seems to be advancing right? I finally launched my website,, where I linked every article I’ve ever had published. The only things not listed are the review for Hungry? Thirsty? City Guides, since they were published in books and are not available online. I also had some poetry in an anthology a few years back…but I can’t seem to get a hold of a copy of that. 

Hmm…I’d better get cracking. I’ve got a few projects to complete.

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Still recovering…

 I can’t remember the last time I put so much effort into anything like this. I’ve spent the past few days doing nothing but working Photo LA, writing about Photo LA and pitching my writing to various outlets. Crazy that out of 20 editors that I emailed, I only got one response and while she couldn’t use my Photo LA coverage, she liked my writing so told me to pitch her anything else I thought she may be interested in. Not bad 🙂

I also pitched to Candy Collective and they liked it as well…so it might actually appear on their website. Maybe I have to work on my approach. I figure the more I pitch to different editors, the better I will get at it. Practice makes perfect right?

Let’s hope so. I’m gonna start working on my fresh start list again so look for the posts!

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New Year-Busy little me.

While I am still very determined to finish my "Fresh Start" list, it’s kind of been put on the back burner for a minute. Given that January in Los Angeles in the annual LA Arts Month, I’ve been busy posting previews on my Examiner page for some of the upcoming shows. Even if I only list the one I think are worthwhile…it’s turning out to be very time consuming. But I can’t really complain, this is what I wanted to be busy. Top freelance with various publications. To be a full-time journalist.

The only thing is, when I set aside all those goals, I kind of wanted them my jobs to be paid. Maybe I should have been more specific…hmm.

But still, getting my name out there is always good and exposure from the right publications is worth it as well. So the past few days, I’ve been working on my first piece as an "undercover" reporter. I know, it sounds so dangerous. But no, I’m not uncovering some big government secret, I’m just working to bring you the behind the scenes look at Photo LA.

Photo LA is a four day exhibition in Santa Monica where photographers from around the world come to showcase. Guests are invited, with ticket of course, to look around maybe purchase some art. There you’ll find pieces ranging from $50 to $10,000, all beautiful in someones eyes. That’s the thing about art, it’s all about prospective,

Oh and did I mention I started writing for VAMPD as well? Don’t know VAMPD!? Seriously people, click the link and get to it.

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4. Listen to the radio instead of your iPod.

 What a better way to start off the new year than to give my iPod a little breathing room huh? Shockingly, I discovered that radio is not all that bad. Well, when you get past the random commercials and sometimes not so hilarious jokes. 

Being that I’m new to LA, I spent the first 10 minutes adjusting the saved stations on my car to local radio channels…you know I wasn’t really in the vicinity to pick up Y100 anymore. A fact I should have been aware of, seriously I mean what was I thinking? Still…not being able to listen at all to the “Morning Zoo” made me a bit sad and homesick.

But anyway, I found some pretty cool stations. Some rock, some country and even one that plays all the hits! Oh yeah, and did I mention the Chinese radio station I mistakenly tunes into? Yes, you read that correctly. CHINESE radio station. Shocking, I know.

All in all, not such a bad experience. And people say trying new things is tough…hmm. My only complaint is that now I have all these songs stuck in my head and have no idea who sings them or where to download them!? Damn. Maybe my iPod will get more than just some breathing room, it’s starting to look like an extended vacation to me.

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