4. Listen to the radio instead of your iPod.

 What a better way to start off the new year than to give my iPod a little breathing room huh? Shockingly, I discovered that radio is not all that bad. Well, when you get past the random commercials and sometimes not so hilarious jokes. 

Being that I’m new to LA, I spent the first 10 minutes adjusting the saved stations on my car to local radio channels…you know I wasn’t really in the vicinity to pick up Y100 anymore. A fact I should have been aware of, seriously I mean what was I thinking? Still…not being able to listen at all to the “Morning Zoo” made me a bit sad and homesick.

But anyway, I found some pretty cool stations. Some rock, some country and even one that plays all the hits! Oh yeah, and did I mention the Chinese radio station I mistakenly tunes into? Yes, you read that correctly. CHINESE radio station. Shocking, I know.

All in all, not such a bad experience. And people say trying new things is tough…hmm. My only complaint is that now I have all these songs stuck in my head and have no idea who sings them or where to download them!? Damn. Maybe my iPod will get more than just some breathing room, it’s starting to look like an extended vacation to me.

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