Allergic to LA!?

 I finally figured out why I’ve always felt so much more at home in Los Angeles, even when I was a kid. It’s because this city is filled with an overflow of creativity. Everyone has some kind of interest in art whether it’s their hobby or a full fledged obsession. LA is somewhere that creativity is more than just accepted, it’s home grown. 

Every person I’ve come in contact with is either an artist, a musician, a writer or involved with one in some way of another. I can truly say my soul feels at home here…if only my body was on the same page. It seems that I’m annoyingly allergic to some of the city’s natural elements, causing me to break out in random rashes for no apparent reason. For someone who never took pills for anything, Zyrtec has become my BEST friend. To make matters worse, the food makes me sick too :/

Damn. It figures that I’d feel good and my body would lose it. At least my writing career seems to be advancing right? I finally launched my website,, where I linked every article I’ve ever had published. The only things not listed are the review for Hungry? Thirsty? City Guides, since they were published in books and are not available online. I also had some poetry in an anthology a few years back…but I can’t seem to get a hold of a copy of that. 

Hmm…I’d better get cracking. I’ve got a few projects to complete.

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