What’s your sign?

I’ve always had a wide range on interests and found various ways to fill my time with…some a little more odd than others. 

One thing I’ve always had a strong interest in was Astrology, and I’m not just talking horoscopes and compatibility matches. I mean a full fledged interest in what planets rule my emotions and whether Mercury is in retro grade and all that fun stuff. So naturally, having read everything I could get my hands on already, I opted for a more hands on approach to learning. I attended an Astrology class held at a local institute for Astrology and taught by Astrologers. 

And I have to say…it was so much fun. Peter Hale, one of the astrologers teaching the class, pulled my Natal Chart and read it with the class. It turns out my oh so bad temper is neither something I acquired or inherited…its the result of some of my planets being “out of bounds” in the wrong house. Go figure. 

If you have an interest too, they hold classes every Tuesday in Hollywood. Check it out here

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