26 Ways to Make a Fresh Start…

In an attempt to bring a little more fun into my life I’m spicing it up by following this article by Molly Triffin in the recent issue of Cosmo. I’m going to blog on every item on her list and do my best to remain open to all these things. Let’s see how it goes…here’s the list.
1. Buy a new magazine that you don’t usually read but interests you. You’ll get novel ideas.

2. Use familiar foods in an unexpected way…like toss slices of peeled orange in a salad along with red onions and roasted cashews.

3. Switch up the way you do your hair-it can affect your frame of mind. For example, putting it in a ponytail (rather than wearing it down) is a playful look that can make you feel more energetic and carefree.

4. Listen to the radio instead of your iPod. You’ll get exposed to new music and trendy topics.

5. Sleep on the opposite side of the bed than you’re used to. You’ll have a fresh perspective as soon as you wake up.

6. Go to family member you respect but who has different taste than you do, and ask to borrow her favorite book.

7. Move your laptop to another room. So if you normally have it in the bedroom, put it in the living room. The change in atmosphere will affect how you work.

8. The next time you’re out to dinner with your guy or a friend, each order a dish for the other person instead of for yourselves.

9. Have sex blindfolded or with your hands or feet tied up. Restricted one sense (sight, touch) will amplify the others.

10. Buy animal-print peep toe pumps. They add a spunky attitude, whether your dress style is casual, conservative, or sophisticated. You can also wear them in a variety of ways (over tights or socks and with a dress, pencil skirt, or jeans).

11. Ask a coworker you’re friendly with but haven’t hung out with socially to grab drinks. It will be interesting to see each other in a non-work environment, plus it opens the door to meeting new people in her circle.

12. Request a free trial session with a personal trainer at your gym to get ideas on how to upgrade your routine.

13. Offer to babysit for a neighbor or family member. Seeing the world through a little kid’s eye will overhaul your perspective.

14. Stop by a free concert that’s unlike any music you’d download, from bluegrass to punk rock. Even if you hate the tunes, you’ll be exposed to a crowd that’s far from your normal social set and, thus, sort of intriguing.

15. While shopping with a friend, ask her to pick out an outfit that she thinks would look good on you but isn’t your usual style.

16. Whether online or in a DVD rental store, browse in a section that you normally pass over, like sci-fi, foreign films, or documentaries. Randomly click on or grab the first title that catches you attention, and (as long as the description looks compelling) rent it.

17. Go to a department store and request a few take-home perfume samples. Pick ones with varying notes-musk, fruit, floral. Scents have a strong effect on your mood, so you can go from feeling like a sexpot one day to girlie the next, depending on what you dab on.

18. Volunteer to take on a fun project at work, like Twittering for your company or helping plan events.

19. Check out uroulette.com, a website that takes you to a totally random site each time you click the “wheel.”

20. Swap apartments with a friend for a weekend. All the day-to-day minutiae you do without thinking about it will just feel slightly different: watching TV on her couch, walking around her neighborhood.

21. Ask your guy for a massage somewhere unexpected, like your legs, arms or scalp.

22. Buy a food you’ve never had before, like daikon, quinoa or bresaola. Then find a recipe, and make a meal using it.

23. Reconnect with a friend you haven’t spent much time with lately. (And ask her to pick the bar or coffee shop where you’ll get together.)

24. Think back: What’s one place where you used to hang out years ago that you stopped going to? Head there this week. It’ll put you in the mind set you were in then.

25. Eat lunch in a new place (a co-worker’s office, the park, a café) every day for a week.

26. Rearrange the furniture in your apartment.

NOTE: Pinpoint Your Passions. One reason people get stuck is we lose sight of what motivates us. With nothing to steer toward, we tend to drift by on autopilot. Try this tip from Marcus Buckingham, author of Find Your Strongest Life: For the next two weeks, make a note of any moments when you feel super energetic, from a yoga class to a great discussion with a friend. Then look back at what you wrote, arrange your schedule to incorporate more of those activities-yes, even if it means cutting out other things. The more time you devote to experiences you truly love, the freer (and happier) you’ll be.

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  1. Deveri

    Good luck to you. I am following the advice too!

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