Face the Facts.

When I first started this blog, I thought it would be like a track record of my work…or my attempts. I planed to merely inject some humor into the difficulty of having a stable place in the magazine/publishing world. Somewhere along the way the lines that separated my personal life from my work became a blur. That blur allowed this blog to become a safe place for my many ramblings and occasional craziness, So I just let it happen, for once I went with the flow.

Lately, in my attempts to grow up and actually feel like an adult, I’ve linked all my social networ4ks to one another, All except this blog. These entries, these words have become more than just an attempt at anything, I’ve literally barred my soul within these pages, sharing my joy along with my pain. Telling the world, my good, my bad and my ugly. I hesitated to link this for those reasons. This was all just…too honest. Too raw for the people closest to me to see.

I’ve never been the type to react well to confrontation, I tend to get very defensive and it doesn’t help that I have a temper with a short fuse. I don’t like being judged, well I don’t think anyone actually enjoys being judged. I’ve never been the type to give you a play-by-play explanation of my actions and lets face, I probably won’t ever be that girl. But, part of growing up is facing the world with your head held high. Putting all your cards on the table and calling the bluff.

So here I go…Hello you, welcome to my world.

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