#7 Move your laptop to another room.

Okay so I’m not exactly going in order, the point is that I do them. These are my baby steps. Baby steps to a freer me. Well that and number seven was so simple to do, it looked like a good place to start.

I normally use my laptop in my bedroom, on my desk or even the bed. Today I decided to take it to the dining room table instead of my usual comfort zone. To be honest, I didn’t really think something so minimal, so unimportant would make any kind of change in my day. Boy was I wrong.

I realized that my writing had been in a stump. I was experiencing some serious writers block and wasn’t even aware of it, until I tried working from the dining room. The moment I sat down with my tea and my laptop, the words just flowed. Right through me and onto the screen. There was no pause. No moment of hesitation wondering what to write. I had almost forgotten what it felt to be that in tune with myself…with my words.

Wow, if something that simple actually impacted my day, what’s going to happen when I try the big stuff? I can’t wait to find out. Think about how these little things can change your life? You’ll never know until you try…

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