Is blood still thicker than water???

Maybe I was born in the wrong era, but there are things I expect from people. Like men, for instance, I know everyone says chivalry is dead but what about honor? Loyalty? When did people stop taking pride in the families they created? The homes they built? What happened to happily ever after? Don’t get me wrong, I never expected it to be easy. But I always believed it was possible, to build a home with someone you love more than air. To create your own little family, white picket fence and all.

I was so caught up in following my heart, I didn’t stop to wonder if we were even compatible. Isn’t love all you need? When did a difference of opinions turn into goodbye?

What happened to working it out? What happened to compromise? An idea that now seems to be a lost art. Lost to all kinds of relationships. Family, the one you were born into, used to back you up no matter what. They were your rock. Your shelter from this big bad world. The one place you could always turn to when life had you down. Now it seems they’re the ones you need shelter from. When did family start turning on their own? When did blood become paper thin?

Lately, it seems like I’m the one with an outdated set of values. People are surprised that I hold loyalty in such high regard. When did that stop being a standard? When did the people close to you stop having your back? It’s almost like ‘hey, yeah no thanks. I can feed myself to the lions.’

It makes me wonder if it’s all this technology that has made us loss touch with what really matters. Each other. Or hey, maybe there’s just something in the water.

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