Another year older.

As my 23rd birthday approached, I have to admit I found myself in a state of panic but couldn’t understand why. I mean, it’s only my 23rd birthday…it’s not like I was turning 30, which I can already imagine will not be a good one for me. As the days flew by and the 17th became closer and closer, I started to slowly feel like myself, a bit more calm each day. So I decided to face my anxiety and just celebrate my birthday, the alcohol involved was just a plus.

The actual day of was on a Friday so I basically went out for breakfast with my beau and engaged in some serious pampering. I even treated myself to a cat nap, which was seriously needed given my lack of sleep the previous night. The last thing I wanted on the day of my "hawaiian" themed party were dark circles.

So my Luau was set for noon on Saturday, naturally, no one arrived until 2pm. Which was not so bad given the cake disaster that I faced that morning. Imagine a cake decorated with an ocean, sand and an actual tiki hut? It was gorgeous, until the roof of the tiki hut fell forward onto the rest of the cake. Thank goodness they were able to make a new one, it just took another hour or so. Once a few people got there, my honey started to work his magic on the BBQ. He got through one round of burgers when it started raining. No. Correction. It started to POUR.


At least we had liquor to keep us busy. Margaritas anyone? All in all, not a bad birthday. Filled with drunk friends running into doors, falling in the pool with clothing and cake fights. Turns out my fear and anxiety was ill deserved. Silly me. Let’s see how I react to my next birthday…at least I have a year to prepare.

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