Give and Take

Somewhere along the way we lost IT. That thing, that spark, that passion. That unyielding force that brought us together that warm September day. We found LOVE. A love that I thought only existed in fairy tales. I could feel my heart skip a beat whenever you were close. I could forget to breathe if you looked my way. I yearned for your touch like a flower in need of her sunshine.

I remembered those feelings last night as I was dreaming of our love. Our young love. As it began so long ago. I couldn’t help but miss it as soon as I woke up. Making me wonder, where we went wrong. That was when I realized it.

I can’t keep holding back because I give you more than you give me. Everyone wants to be an equal in their relationships, but sometimes that’s not the case. Sometimes that is the point. If relationships are give and take, then maybe my part is to show you. Teach you by giving you my all.


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