Life in the Fast Lane

I live my life in a constant state of wanting what’s bad for me and knowing rejecting what I should what, a.k.a. the safe choice. It’s like I have a nice, basic car right? And this car gets me from point A to point B pretty comfortably. But, I know I’m not completely satisfied with my car. Why? Well, because all I really want is a ’86  Z Top Camaro.
It’s fast, dangerous and classic, but ultimately a bad investment. At the same time, I’m completely aware that what I should want, or at least start getting used to, is a nice, reliable family type car.
Something that can last for years and years while keeping me (and my future family) safe.
Still, I spend my days with this constant battle going on in my head. I convince myself not to look at Camaros and much less test drive one. I pout, check out the safer cars and ultimately decide to just stick it out with my current car. Sighs.
What does all of this really mean? Simple. That I have officially been inducted into the world of adulthood. Five years ago, I would’ve already owned that Camaro, without a second thought. But now, I think about my future and how my choices today impact that future. Oh, responsibility.
Who knew I had it in me?

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