Goodbye Mid-Twenties…

My life has always been full of ups and downs, but the past few years have been something out of a book. Nothing has gone according to plan, not even a little bit, and as I say goodbye to another year and embrace my future I can’t help but smile. While crazy and unexpected things seem to be happening to me on an unnerving regular basis, there is always a bit of humor in all the madness. And hey, if you can’t laugh at your misfortunes, how will you ever survive them?

I really thought turning 26 would be…well…hard. But it wasn’t hard at all. I feel more and more comfortable in my skin with every year that passes.I feel more set in my own beliefs with every unnerving little experience. I cling more and more fearlessly to my faith with every challenge I overcome. I am who I am. I’m kind to people, I lend a helping hand whenever I can to whoever may need it and I love with every piece of my heart.

But anyways, getting past the deep stuff, I have had the craziest weekend full of drama, surprises and state troopers. Don’t worry, no one was arrested…luckily. It seems you never really know who people are until they get super-duper faded…that or when you accidentally trick them into believing an innocent little white lie. To say that I’ve experienced an eye-opening is one hell of an understatement.

I always thought I was pretty liberal, but a recent proposition has left me thinking that I may not be very liberal by today’s standards. Not even a little bit. Go figure.

And now, I should be packing for Unity in Vegas and vacation in Los Angeles, but instead I’m blogging about things I should probably keep to myself and getting all sentimental during Megamind. I mean who doesn’t, how can you not feel that pull at your heart when the super villian shows his true self and saves the girl he loves…and the whole city? Hmm or maybe it’s just PMS. Last month I cried like a baby watching The Help. Twice. In the same week. To my defense, that movie is sad as hell.

I think I’m going to finish up my packing now…

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