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These are my people…

So I stumbled onto this on Tumblr and was like. “Oh. My. God. You do know me!” I fit ALL these characteristics if you can believe it. And so I thought I’d share it 🙂

Common Characteristics of Natural Born, Freelance, or Career Writers


  • An “odd ball” childhood.

Writers tend to start off as peculiar kids. They never quite fit in with their classmates. Their abstract thinking begins early on, and it causes them to struggle to relate to other children and elementary interests. Future writers commonly start off as either lonesome or socially inept kids.

  • They were handed books as toys.

Naturally gifted writers are almost always reading enthusiasts. They have a further developed vocabulary and stronger syntax abilities because their scholastic experience goes beyond traditional curriculum.

  • They believe in the “All or nothing” policy. 

Writers are often perfectionists that will edit until their eyes bleed or completely scratch an idea off the table. They tend to carry that trait into their other projects as well. The writer will either create something complete or nothing at all.

  • They take pride in their work.

Even if they need help, writers like doing their work 100% themselves without contribution. This is seen often in college, when the self-proclaimed writers don’t show up to office hours or ask for tutoring. Writers tend to treat even essays as a personal work of art. It’s their work, and it matters that it’s only theirs.

  • They are equally organized and disorganized.

A writer’s mind works in choreographed chaos. With too much chaos comes no productivity. With too much organization comes no passion. The writer has learned how to have the perfect combination of both.

  • They have both an ego and self-doubt.

-Enough ego to invest in one’s own thoughts, enough doubt to revise and rethink continuously.

  • They enjoy simplicity.

Hot coffee, music, and a sunrise could make their morning flawless.

  • They are observant. 

Writers tend to learn about things from as many angles as they can. They’ll see the same sign for ten years and connect ten-thousand other separate things to the sign in that amount of time. They take in what they can and make a mental map of how things co-exist.

  • They  recognize the importance of memories.

Writers learn how to utilize past moments as criteria for their work. A writer will not forget their first love, or heartache.

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Standing In Place

Sounds easy enough right? Staying in one place, working hard at the same ole’ job, settling into the same apartment and falling into a nice little routine. Maybe it is for some people, but me, I seem to be a beast of a different nature.

I’ve learned, that in life, just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you should do it. The same way that just because a relationship or friendship makes sense, it doesn’t mean you should pursue it. I’ve always been comfortable with change, and if you know anything about me, you know that change has been the most stable thing in my life for a very long time. By the same token, I’ve always been told how important stability is and how being stable is a part of growing up. I always believed them too, but lately, I’m just not so sure that’s true.

Maintaining stability is something I’ve always struggled with and I always thought it would get easier as I got older and understood better why it was so important. But now that I am older and have had a big dose of responsibility and being stable, I feel the opposite way about it. I think that it’s more important to make the CHOICES that make you happy and not the ones that keep you stable. Stability does not equal happiness. It may make some things in life easier, but easy doesn’t mean happy and I’m a firm believer that anything worth having is worth fighting for.

I know that sometimes making the decision that makes you happier can seem like the impulsive choice, but what does and doesn’t make us happy is something that can change pretty quickly and that’s okay. When those things change, that doesn’t take away from their importance in your life or the place they hold in your heart, they just mean you’ve grown. Just a little.

I sound pretty wise don’t I? If only I could actually take my own advice, then maybe I wouldn’t get so hurt and end up in the impossible situations I always seem to find. It’s like I subconsciously seek out people that just don’t get it. Not that I’m very good at explaining myself, I kind of just expect you to get it…maybe one day you will.

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