Not letting go, would be living a lie

Although lately I’ve been going through so much bullshit that I really shouldn’t be dealing with, even with all my recent drama, letting you go has been the most difficult thing I have EVER had to deal with and I’m done pretending to be okay. I’m tired of acting like such a hard ass about the whole thing when in reality I’m really just another brokenhearted girl with her head in the clouds. The fact is that I’m still not over you and I may never truly be over you, but one thing’s for sure-I’m tired of holding on to something that died a long time ago.

So I’m letting it go, all of it. Cutting all and any ties to the life I once had and fully embracing the new life I have now. They say that there’s a reason the people in your past didn’t make it to your future and the best thing you can do to keep walking and never look back. Easy to say-yes. Easy to do-not so much. But at least I’m brave enough to try and that, well that stands for something whether you believe it or not.

So here I go, feet in and head first.

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