Drop of fear.

She is stands cold. She is rock solid. She stands there, alone with her chin held high. She knows the price she pays, still she looks the other way. It is always easier to hear the truth, than to see it for yourself. This cold, dark world has the power to tear her to shreds, yet here she is. This cold, dark world is not her biggest fear. “Oh cruel world,” she says, “give me shelter.” Pain she can manage. Loss she can survive. Love…love is another story.

Love is something to be feared. It has the power to destroy, humiliate and turn your entire life upside down. And that is merely the beginning. Love can turn even the most confident woman in the world into a sad, insecure little girl. A girl who is hopeful and lost, waiting for a happy ending that may never come her way.

A bit cynical? Perhaps. Is she jaded? To the core. But the true question is, does she still believe in love? YES, she does. Which is exactly why it scares her deep into her soul. Her very essence trembles at even the thought of love approaching.

What makes a strong, confident woman shiver in her Jimmy Choos at the mere thought of something so seemingly harmless? That no matter how many times she is hurt. No matter how many broken hearts she endures at the hand of love…she would still willingly let love in. One more time. To face her fear? Maybe. The fact is that in the end of the day, love is what it all comes down to. Even when it’s over, LOVE is always worth the ride.

So, do you have a ticket?

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