Rolling with the Punches.

With the state of the nation still putting itself back together and Obama trying to pull this country out of a serious recession, everyone is feeling the heat. Still glad you voted for Bush? The second time too? I guess the conservative should have listened to all those liberals when they had the chance, a consequence we all pay for now. But enough of the gloomy.

While many industries are taking a plunge and scrounging to make money by cutting budgets, the fashion world is taking an even bolder step. Welcome “Rent the Runway,” the first ever rental service for designer dresses. An innovative idea to say the least, when the American people are cutting back on spending, RTR will serve as a new alternative to buying that $2,000 Gucci dress. Why dish out the big bucks when you can rent it for a fraction of the price?

All rentals will range from $50 to $250 and are yours to wear for 4 days. After which you simply put the clothes in a prepaid bag and drop it in the mail. Simple as that and just in time for the massive holiday parties coming your way.

Check it out at

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