Free time is over-rated.

Take it from someone who has been, for the most part, unemployed for the past year. There is only so much to occupy your time with in the world.

At first, I slept. Naturally I realized how exhausted I was from full-time work and school. You may not notice right away, but it takes a toll on you. Then I wrote, caught up on my creativity. Got my juices flowing again. I painted. I drew. I even started making jewelry and set-up an online store.

I spent more time sleeping. I caught up on my pop culture and watched way too much television. I also spent way too much time with boyfriend at the time. Who was and is also unemployed. So not only did we live together, now we were both home. A lot. Needless to say, we got on each other’s nerves.

So now I’m in a new city, one which I have been blissfully exploring for the past month. And since I was ten years old as well. A city that I have loved since I first laid eyes on it. A place that feels like home. The only drawback? I don’t really have anything to do…at least not most of the time. I feel like I need a plan. A list of some sort. A do-to list would be ideal actually. It would give me something to do and a way to organize myself.

That’s funny. Organize what? What is it that I feel the need to organize? All my free time perhaps? I’m starting to think that this lack of activity is getting to me. Let’s see what kind of list I can come up with…any ideas?

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