Kudos to Obama.

I’m not surprised Obama was the first president in a long time to call police officers on their shit. I know some people may justify it with the fact that he’s black…but it’s not even about that.

Obama is giving Americans just what we need, a swift kick in the ass. He’s serving up a handful of help with an eye opening smack. I don’t ever remember reading about a president publicly saying that any cop acted "stupidly". Ever. Not in history class or the news. For me that was a first and I couldn’t help but laugh.

He’s exactly what this country needed in more ways than most Americans can even begin to understand. He’s out spoken, in a good way, not a Bush way. And he is confident. Confident that HE knows what this country needs, not his advisors. I have to say I like his kick ass and take names later attitude.

If I were an egotistical nimrod with a badge…I’d be careful. You wouldn’t want the president to call you stupid on national television. Hello new world order. Loving it.

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