No quick fix.

I never realized how much I relied on technology to get me through the day until my laptop crashed. Talk about a bad day. I thought I was having a panic attack from the immense amount of stress that came over me as soon as that screen went black. It was as if someone took the very breathe right out of my lungs. Literally.

The days that came after were no better, I’m sad to report, I was like a junkie in desperate need of a quick fix. And no I’m not being overly dramatic…you try it and see how YOU react.

In today’s world technology has become another highly addictive drug that cause serious withdrawals, headaches, and some studies even suggest cancer. On a personal level, it was excruciating to spend an entire two weeks without my tech internet fix.

I’m happy to report that I’ve officially rejoined the world on the internet and have spend my time obsessively updating my profiles on various networks. I’ve even joined a few new ones to market my personal brand. So world look out…here I come! 

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