MDC Graduation!!!

Woo hoo, I’m officially a college graduate. I have to say, it feels awesome especially since it’s taken me FOREVER to finish my A.A. That’s besides the point now, what matters is that I’m done.

So, taking my mothers’ advice I’m applying to a few universities because maybe it is better that I have my B.A. from a university as apposed to a tech school. Either way, I’m applying to them all and lets see where I get in and weigh my options then.

I mean, given that I keep changing my mind, it may be in my best interest to just continue the plan I had INITIALLY. Which was to continue studying communications and decide later what to specialize in, especially since the School of Communications offers such a broad array of fields. I could focus on print, advertising, public relations and even marketing.

I applied already so now I sit and wait….

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