Now what?

For the past decade or so all I’ve wanted was to be a writer. It seems that somewhere along the way being a writer meant I HAD to be a Journalist and now that I’m graduating from MDC I find that road much less desirable. Not that I don’t want to write. I’ll always write, for god sake I starting writing poems, stories and journals at age 10. That won’t change…but I’m not sooo in love with the idea of being a reporter or journalist or news for that matter.

These thoughts started around December of last year and have gotten so much more intense. Kind of like can’t breathe from the idea of being stuck in that career forever! So, I’ve decided to let that goal sink and more on to what will hopefully be greener pastures. Well…once i figure out what my next goal will be that is. Of course.

Right now, at this very moment, I’m thinking I’ll take a photography course in the summer…for fun. Maybe a design class too…graphic design that is. Work with the programs a bit. I mean, I never saw myself as a computer kind of person outside of typing on one but hey, you never know.
One thing is for sure, I need to submit my application to A.I. or I won’t be studying anything any time soon.

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