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A passion revealed…

I’ve always been drawn to photography, ironically more as someone who works with words, a writer. I’ve always found it intriguing to be able to tell a story though a photograph…to skip the words I see, speak and write so often and aim directly for the soul with an image. Photojournalism is a full combination of all the things I love about words and photographs cleverly intertwined.

I officially started studying photography in high school, but never took any college courses. Not because I did not want to, but because my school made it difficult to take them without changing my major and I could not bear to skip my creative writing courses 🙂

I’m still figuring out what kind of photographer I am, so for now I shoot whatever catches my eye. Below I posted a few photos I took during a recent trip to Los Angeles. These photos have also been submitted for my one of MDC’s annual Arts and Literature Magazines. **Fingers Crossed**

Bright Nights Bright Nights

Guitar Dreams

LA Speed

Miles Away

(I’d love some feedback)

❤ Jenn

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