Growing Pains

People always say that throughout your life, everyone has several major changing points, milestones if you will. I’ve always heard about it, but I never felt a change in me until now.

It is the strangest thing to approach the exact same situations with a whole new outlook. It’s a new perspective in every way. Don’t get me wrong, I still feel like me, I’m just different now. A bit more confident, I feel more determined and have stopped second guessing myself for the first time in my life. It’s funny too because even as my habit to question myself kicks in, I automatically reject it. No doubts.

With this new revelation within myself and my upcoming graduation from MDC, I’ve decided to go to Art School instead of a regular university. I mean, I’ll still write, after all it is something I love. But I’ve always been drawn to the arts as a whole. I have a soft spot for Photography and Interior Design so you never know. So, I figured I could get a BFA and not just a BA.

It’s nice to feel this secure with myself, to be honest I was feeling rather lost not too long ago. As if I had lost touch with myself, with the essence of me. Now, I’m ready to do with my life whatever I feel is right for me and see where it takes me.

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