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A feeling called Faith.

Faith is a knowing that resides deep in your soul. No matter what religion you believe in or what you question in life, there is always one thing that you always seem to have an endless amount of faith in. Whether it’s another persons’ love, yourself or something greater than us all. Faith is still present.

As someone who has known quite a bit of loss in her life, I’ve always found that feeling at the very deepest part of my soul to be the best comfort. My faith lies in knowing that someone is always watching over me. This is something that I’ve never lost, not even through the darkest times of my turbulent teens.

I suppose I owe this feeling to my mom, for an answer she gave a curious child who asked about death. It was around the time my Great-grandmother passed away, I asked my mom where she went and she told me that even though people die and I can’t see them anymore they are ALWAYS with you. She said that they’d watch over me as I slept. So, naturally, I believed her without doubt and took her answer literally. I used to think that their souls ACTUALLY slept on the floor next to my bed every night. This belief, made the loss I experienced in my childhood a little easier to accept.

I know that many children take answers that adults give very literal, but even as adult, I’m grateful to have had something to wrap my mind around that helped take away my tears. Now, at 22, when I lose a loved one I find comfort in knowing that a part of them is ALWAYS with me as a part of me is ALWAYS with them.

Everyone needs to find their faith, no matter what it is that comforts them. Faith can heal and give you hope. So, find your faith…you’ll know it by the feeling.

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