A New Challenge…

Okay…quick recap:

Last semester for my Public Relations class, our class project was to get in touch with a local non-profit organization and create a campaign linking their event/service/product to MDC and showcase it at our class workshop. My team decided to work with Imagine Miami and Service for Peace in promoting their new "Adopt Your Block" program. 

Being the over-achievers that we are, we decided to have a separate event in order to promote the campaign. We felt that in order to properly promote the AYB program, we needed to actually Adopt a Block. So, we adopted mine and were the first people to participate in the program making it the "Pilot" for future programs. 

After the semester was over, I stayed in touch with the Directors at Imagine Miami and Service for Peace. I even collaborated with Service for Peace on my coverage of Miami’s MLK Day of Service. Now, I’m embarking on a new challenge with Imagine Miami.

I’ve joined the Planning Committee for Imagine Miami’s annual summit and will be working on its Marketing and Public Relation strategies. Tomorrow, during my first meeting with the committee, I will be sharing my ideas and tactics for the summit and getting their feedback. 

I’m very excited about this project, but needless to say…quite nervous. 

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