Another night, another nigtmare.

Sleep has never really come easy to me, not at night anyways. During daylight hours, I can sleep like a baby. Without a care in the world. But once the sun goes down…that’s where my trouble begins.

Lately, I’ve been having these weird, scary kind of dreams. The layout has been the same so far. It’s in my apartment, I can’t seem to get any of the lights  to turn on and I can’t scream for help. I’m afraid and alone.

The last one was in my living room. I was watching TV with the lights off and I look over to my right and there’s a woman standing in front of my refrigerator, with her back to me. She’s wearing a bright green blouse, a black pencil skirt and has light  blond hair. She starts to slowly turn in my direction and I look back at the TV, but I can’t help it and I look at her again. She kind of reminds me of a woman from my office…but she starts to walk towards me. She walks right through the counter and as she gets closer I look back at the TV.

At that point the TV turns off and I start clicking the remote but it won’t work. It’s dark and I don’t see anyone around me anymore. So I get up, walk to the kitchen and flip on a few light switches. The only light that works is the very dim yellow light above my door. Then the garbage disposal starts to go off. Scares the shit out of me. I jump, open my mouth but no sounds comes out. When I look over at the sink I realize that all my dishes are scattered in and around it and my dish rack in on the floor in front of the fridge.

At that point, I panic. I run back to the balcony, to let a little light in and I can’t get the blinds to open. I pull up. I pull down. Nothing moves. I flip the switch for the balcony light and nothing, so I peek my head between the blinds and it’s dark outside. Then, I turn around and start trying to scream but every time I do, I end up gargling instead. Then I realize that I’m gargling because every time I open my mouth to scream, foam is coming out of my mouth.

It’s weird because last time I realized I was dreaming and started trying to make myself wake-up by screaming, but this time I didn’t know. I was just scared and panicked.  But it almost felt like I started to wake-up within the dream, my eyes became heavy and I couldn’t keep them open. Then my body felt weak and I could barely even move. And once I woke up,I had the same difficulty moving my body and keeping my eyes open.

And now I can’t sleep. What’s really odd is that normally when I dream about being in places that are in my life, they’re always different somehow. But now in these dreams, my bedroom, my living room, my kitchen-it’s all exactly like it is in real life. The only thing that changes is the situation. There was a ghost in my last dram like this too…but I couldn’t see it. This time…I saw her.

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