The comfort of a Mother

It’s truly amazing to me how far having a good Mother will take you. How obvious it can be in person when they have a strong woman in their corner. I was blessed with an amazing Mother. A woman, that throughout my life, has sacrificed, fought and bleed for me at every turning point. A woman whose never-ending love and faith in me has allowed me to grow into the strong, independent and opinionated young woman that I am today.

She has always been the person that I’ve admired the most with love and pure amazement. A woman who never allows the world to keep her down, teaching me the true meaning of feminine with every move she makes. Growing up, she created a world where I could express myself openly without fear or restraint. A place, that no matter where we lived, is always the same. I feeling I came to finally pin point this past weekend that I spent with her.

Crawling into bed, me the paranoid insomniac, I felt safe and protected as I quickly dozed off to sleep. Without tossing and turning or waking up all night long. This weekend has left me so well rested and feeling grounded, like just maybe, my life is actually turning out the way it should be…so thanks Mom. I owe you the world.

I love you.

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