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Some People NEVER Learn.

They say that true wisdom comes with age. The older you are, the wiser you are…either from experience or just life. But it’s so sad to see people that just don’t seem to get it. People that, given some of their f**ked up life experiences, still fail to see what really matters in life.

I used to care about those people. I used to think, why can’t they see it? I used to feel bad for them, I mean literally feel  an ache in my chest when I would see them alone. But I realized that some people you just can’t help. Some people are born to live out their days alone with nothing left but their guilt. Now, instead of wasting my thoughts and feelings on those sad people, I focus on those that really matter. And I am more and more grateful for those special people every day.

For those people and still haven’t learned, they better pray for some divine intervention before Karma makes its rounds.

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Karma-Sometimes it’s a kick in the chest

What goes around comes around.

It’s something you always hear people say, but do you ever really believe it? What’s to say you’ll pay for it in this lifetime? What’s to say it will ever come back around in any lifetime?

Sometimes it’s a subtle thing, maybe you miss or maybe you learn. But sometimes, sometimes it’s a hard kick in the chest. Sometimes Karma comes around with such an intensity that you have no choice but to learn. Those are the lessons you keep with you, those are the moments that change the course of your life forever.

I haven’t had many of those life changing moments, but I had one today. For the first time, I felt connected to people whose lives were affected by my choices in the past. People that weren’t exactly a part of my life, but I impacted theirs none the less.

I realized that there are things in my past that I’ve done, things that I justified by telling myself that it wasn’t my fault, hurt people anyways. That people got hurt without even understanding why or how?

Today, I was that girl, that girl from my past whose heartache I brushed off telling myself she deserved it. Convincing myself that she should have known better than to put herself in that situation. It turns, although we probably should know better, sometimes we still stumble.

Sometimes, the fall is just unavoidable and sometimes it hurts for no good reason.

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