1. Buy a new magazine that you don’t usually read but interests you.

I’ve always been a big fan of tattoos. Getting them. Watching other people get them. Even randomly checking out artists work. I’ve casually flipped through a tattoo mag or two, but they were normally just filled with images. Maybe, photos from a recent convention but that’s about it. So, the other day I was browsing through the magazine racks at Barnes & Noble and stumbled upon an issue of Inked Magazine.

Thinking it was just another tattoo mag I decided to but it. Much to my surprise, it was so much more than just pictures and conventions. Inked is a cultural magazine, showcasing everything from new music to tattoo artists to new techniques. They even had an article on new scientific developments in the tattoo industry, like “removable ink” and what the future of tattooing holds in store for us.

One artist the featured really caught my eye was Mimi S, an illustrator from Berlin. I seriously love art that depicts women in a bad ass way and Mimi has def perfected that. She combines sex, tattoos and fur in the appealing kind of way that you can’t seem to tear your gaze from…no matter how naughty it might be. It’s like that rush you get when you know a secret or get away with something. It’s deliciously devious. These are a few of my favs.

The musician I discovered in Inked was Kid Sister, a brother/sister duo taking club rap and dance music to the next level. His hip beats packed with her saucy lyrics are sure to have you singing along while you break it down on any dance floor. Perfect kind of music for driving down Hollywood Blvd with the top down. I’m def a fan.

Who knew you could get so much by just picking up a new kind of magazine?

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