Some Italian insight…

My  Professore di Italiano made a good point in class the other day that left me thinking…He said that the world has become so hi-tech that we, as humans, have forgotten what it feels like to have basic contact with each other. You can see it in restaurants, movie theatres or even walking down the street. We tend to shy away from each other, using the "strangers" line as an excuse to avoid any kind of a connection.

If you stop and think, when was the last time you went to the movies and didn’t leave an empty seat between yourself and the unknown person next to you?

It seems that with every new development or "app" on the web on for our cell phones, the more one-on-one contact we lose with each other. Not only with people we don’t know, but with our loved ones as well. It’s like people have completely forgotten what the world was like before cellphones. How we communicated with each other.The new generation refers to that time or way of life as "living under a rock". Like anything before the early 90’s was a barbaric way of living. The horror! How could be miss a call or worse a text message!?

As we advance more and more technologically, things like newspapers are slowly losing their merits. The more onlines interaction and facility we have, the less hands on seems to matter. People don’t even buy and read books anymore…they download it directly into their iPods. Wow. Is this something we really want? To forget how to interact with each other?

Well…is it???

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