Being Bigger Than Your Pride

I was always raised to be very proud. To be proud of where I come from, to take pride in all that I do and to never allow anyone to treat me in a dis-respectful manner. But if I’ve learned anything in my twenty-seven short years, it’s that sometimes you have to follow your heart and put everything else on the shelf.

Sometimes being the bigger person isn’t about admitting fault or making a point, it’s simply about missing someone. It’s about missing them so much that you do whatever it takes just to have that person back in your life. It’s realizing that their presence in your world is much more valuable than the cold comfort of your pride. Eventually, reach that point where  who was at fault is completely irrelevant. Whether you were to blame or not.

Life is all about little moments. Little moments of happiness, of growth and of clarity. Those little moments are always so much more meaningful when you share them with people you love. So why do we continuously seem to forget that?

Hmm pride can be a bitch sometimes.


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