Keeping in Touch is Hard Work

People always say “yeah, let’s keep in touch” like it’s the easiest thing in the world. Friends, old co-workers, relatives or that kid from your group last semester. But it’s not.

As we grow older, life gets complicated, responsibilities manifest and making time for basic conversation takes a calculated amount of effort. We move away for college or work or sometimes even love, and suddenly you’re in this totally different world. Different people, new habits, and a new place to lay your head at night. The circumstances and adjustment periods vary from person to person, but one thing is clear across the board-keeping in touch is hard work.

Personally, as the oldest of six children, keeping in touch with my siblings and trying to be supportive while showing interest in their various updates can be very challenging. Even when I go back home for a visit, it’s hard to make time for them, my cousins, friends and other relatives. It seems that someone always ends up feeling left out or ignored.

So now, my philosophy is as follows- I make time for people that make time for me. If you want to see me, call me. If not, I’ll just see ya when I see ya!

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