Oh no, 2012 is a voting year

I have never voted for a president of the United States. Not for Bush. Not for Obama.

I don’t vote because I believe that the people that are in power, remain in power. You’re just voting for the face, the image of a campaign. Ultimately, the voting process is just an illusion, making the people believe that they actually have a choice. Kind of like having privacy, you think you have it, but you don’t. Every move you make is clocked. Everything you say, write, draw, photograph or even sing is clocked. A constant record of your life, at the fingertips of people that may someday label you just another casualty of war. Even Facebook, Twitter and other social media avenues work against you. I mean seriously people, could we possibly make it any easier? Why are we so quick to share our thoughts, fears and locations but still show hate to those that differ from us?

I don’t generally talk about politics, but today…it’s just on my mind. My Great-Grandfather was a General in World War II, my Grandfather fought in Vietnam and still…with all these wars…what have we really accomplished? What did we really win? Freedom?

Anyways, I didn’t vote before (although I did like Obama) and I’m not going to vote now either.

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