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Okay, so the magazine that I started freelancing for right before I left Miami is going to have me cover events here in LA…what an awesome way to establish myself in the West Coast right?! I’m so excited. I already have a list of things I’d love to cover, artists that would make nice profiles and bands that I think the world should know. Well, at least the rest of the United States…the mag is national.

Other than that, I’m still getting settled…trying to organize myself and get some more furniture. At least I got my bed right? That was the most important…I think. Next is a desk, then maybe a vanity. Gosh, I’ve always wanted a vanity in my room or in my house. I never really had space before, but now I’m thinking I’m going to take advantage of the extra space in my new room. If I could only decide on layout…

Anyway, I’ve got some painting to do. Spray painting that is 😉 You know me.

Always restoring something old.

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